Development Permit Application Surveys (DPs)

The majority of improvements on a property will require a permit from The City of Calgary, or your local municipality. Whether you are building your dream house, a developer constructing an infill or semi-detached dwelling, or you are renovating, building an addition, garage, fence, or deck, you will likely require a development permit. Part of the development permit process requires that you submit a plan of survey (site plan) and/or block profile. If you aren’t sure, call us for a free consultation.

We are experienced in completing development permit surveys and site plans, and will ensure that all of the required information will be shown on our survey plans. The list of criteria required by The City of Calgary can be quite extensive, but our knowledge and experience make the application process that much easier. We are also able to provide you with a streetscape plan should you require one. We will assist you with everything you may need to complete The City of Calgary CARL (Complete Application Requirement List) or the requirements of your local Municipality. Call us today or click here for a quote!

The Development Permit Process

The purpose of a development permit is:

  • to ensure that the proposed use is allowable;
  • to ensure that the Land Use Bylaw rules are met and, if not, to assess the merit of relaxing the rule;
  • to allow an evaluation of the impact on neighbouring properties;
  • to offer affected parties an opportunity to provide relevant information, ensuring informed planning decisions;
  • to allow for conditions to be added to the approval of a proposed development.

In order to meet these criteria, many of the uses may be "notice posted". The file is then reviewed and a decision is reached.

Development Permit Review Process

Once a development permit application is made the following happens:

  • The application is assigned to a staff member (File Manager).
  • Some applications are reviewed by a team of staff members from Engineering, Parks, Development & Building Approvals and Transportation and a preliminary evaluation is made.
  • The application is circulated to other relevant City departments, utilities (Atco Gas for example), the Ward Alderman, the Community Association, etc. Three weeks are given for a response.
  • The application is checked against applicable bylaws and planning policies.
  • The application is evaluated with particular concern for degree of adherence to Land Use Bylaw and planning policies as well as the likely impact on neighbours.
  • A decision to approve or refuse the application is made by the team or by the Calgary Planning Commission.
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